China rockwool leader--Nanjing Hairui insulation--rock wool factory


 On February 19, 2021, Nanjing Hairui Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. will participate in the Shanghai Insulation and Waterproof Exhibition in December 2020. At the exhibition, Nanjing Hairui, based on the principle of serving customers wholeheartedly, is committed to providing customers with higher-end and cheaper insulation materials, such as rock wool products, glass wool products, rubber and plastic products and other building insulation materials.

Nanjing Hairui has been established for 13 years, and strives to sell the rock wool insulation materials developed and produced by the company to every corner of the world, strives to be a well-known rock wool manufacturer in China, and strives to enable people all over the world in construction, industry, agriculture, etc. The rock wool products produced by Nanjing Hairui can be used in all fields. Efforts will be made to build Nanjing Hairui into the largest rock wool product export company in China, serving customers worldwide who need rock wool products.
The cheapest and best quality rock wool production factory in China is Nanjing Hairui.
China's largest rock wool tube production factory, China's largest rock wool felt production factory, China's largest rock wool board manufacturer, China's largest agricultural rock wool manufacturer.