What should be paid attention to in the construction of pipe insulation


(1) The pipeline should be cleaned and painted with anti-rust du paint. zhi

(2) When using perlite tiles for thermal insulation, ensure that the tiles are dry and not damaged. A thin layer of cement should be applied to the pipe before the tiles. The two semicircular tiles should be staggered by about 1/2 the length of the tile. , Avoid piercing.

(3) The insulation layer should be tightly attached to the pipeline, and should be placed separately according to the pipe diameter specifications before insulation. It is not allowed to expose the pipeline or the insulation layer to be loose (wrong specifications or not tightly wrapped).

(4) When the glass cloth is wound, the crimping edge should not be less than 2cm, and the overlap should be neat and tight, without broken edges, smooth and beautiful in appearance, and avoid uneven tube thickness.

(5) When wrapping the insulation layer, the galvanized iron wire joints should be flattened and the protective layer must not be pierced.

(6) When using aluminum foil rock wool tube or aluminum foil ultra-fine glass wool tube shell for heat preservation, the joints should be pasted with aluminum foil tape, and the density of ultra-fine glass wool should not be lower than 38kg/m3.

(7) When applying thermal insulation materials, in order to enhance the adhesion of thermal insulation mortar and pipes, it should be applied in layers. The first layer of coating should not be too thick (within 5mm), and the second layer (15mm) should be applied after drying. Within) until the required thickness of the insulation layer. Calendered with special curved foam.

(8) After the insulation material enters the site, it should be placed in a dry, rain-proof and anti-stepping place.