The superiority of rock wool as a building material



sales manager:Andy Wu

Rock wool has the following five advantages:

1. The rock wool board used in the building has a strong fireproof performance. Because its raw materials are made of natural rocks, it has strong high temperature resistance in case of a fire accident. It will form a fire barrier, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire.

         2. It has the advantages of thermal insulation. The cotton yarns used to make rock wool insulation boards are generally slender and flexible. In addition, its thermal conductivity is very low, so it has a super good insulation effect.

         3. It has the performance of absorbing noise. According to its physical properties, the rock wool insulation board achieves the characteristics of absorbing sound and reducing noise.

         4. The weight of the rock wool insulation board itself is particularly light, and its dry density is between 180 and 250, and it does not take up extra indoor space.

         5. It has the characteristics of health and environmental protection. Because it does not have the environment in which microorganisms need to grow, it will not breed mold.TEL:86 189 1336 1158